Latin Religious Tattoos

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Latin Religious Tattoos
Find unusual and inspirational phrases for short Latin Religious Tattoos that are relevant to modern daily life and have a deep spiritual meaning.
Many young Christians now wish to have tattoos as a permanent reminder of their faith, principles and ideals. The following religious mottos and phrases contain ideas  for unique, inspiring and unusual Latin religious tattoos with the appropriate English translation of their meaning. A Latin Religious tattoo is interesting and often lead to some remarkable conversations about their meanings.

Short Latin Religious Tattoos
Very few people now study Latin at school which is why the idea of Latin religious tattoos are so interesting. When people see this type of tattoo they simply have to ask what it means. An example of an inspirational idea for a short Latin religious Tattoo is as follows:

"Deus vobiscum"
God be with you


Inspirational, Short Latin Religious Tattoos
The words contained in these short mottos can be used as inspiration for a Latin religious tattoo.

Deo adiuvante
With God's help

Deo favente
With God's favour

Deo gratias
[We give] thanks to God

Deo Optimo Maximo
To God, the Best, the Greatest

Short Latin Religious Tattoos
Our world has changed but people have not, so the ancient words of wisdom encapsulated in Latin mottos still relate and to the current topics and daily issues. Find inspiration for a meaningful and long lasting tattoo with the selection of short Latin religious tattoos.


Inspirational Short Latin Religious Tattoos
Search and find
ideas for a short Latin Religious Tattoo.

Deo vindice -
God our defender
motto of the Confederate States of America

Deo volente
God willing

Deus misereatur
May God Have Mercy

Deus volent
As God wills


Inspirational Short Latin Religious Tattoos
following religious mottos and phrases contain ideas  for a Latin religious tattoo with the appropriate English translation. Religious tattoos in Latin are quite unusual and often lead to interesting conversations about their meaning.

Deus vult!
God wills it!
(Slogan of the Crusades)

Domine, dirige nos
Lord, direct us

Domino optimo maximo
To the Lord, the best and greatest

Dominus illuminatio mea
The Lord is my light

Dominus providebit
The Lord will provide


Inspirational Short Latin Religious Tattoos
Browse the Latin Religious Tattoos and allow the words to help with ideas for tattoos for those of the Christian faith. A short Latin Religious Tattoo brings modern relevance to the religious mottos used long ago.

Dominus tecum - May the Lord be with you (Singular)

Dominus vobiscum - May the Lord be with you (Plural)

Dum vita est spes est
While there is life there is hope

Short Latin Religious Tattoos
We hope that our suggestions for Latin Religious Tattoos will be of assistance.  Thank you for visiting our page containing these Inspirational, Short religious quotes which we hope you have found helpful in your search for an inspirational tattoo 

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Short Latin Religious Tattoos

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Short Latin Religious Tattoos

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